I majored in psychology during undergrad because I am fascinated by people, and because I want to make the world better. I thought I would be a counselor or therapist. I am still fascinated by people and I still want to make the world better. I still think I would make a great therapist, but now that I know myself (and the world) a little better, I have realized I am more challenged and fulfilled by journalism. And maybe I can better the world in a more efficient way without the constraints of clinical confidentiality.

Now, I am a journalist and M.S. candidate at the University of Oregon.

I am also a human woman, former athlete, trauma survivor, artist, sister and cat mom.

My passion lies in social justice, and my reporting has been heavily focused on issues of immigration, race and gender.

More than anything, I would like to spend my time in the field learning about the ways in which systemic barriers prevent the flourishing of historically marginalized communities. Specifically, I would like to be reporting impact stories that help build bridges between communities, and cultivate empathy.

Want to know more? Check out my resume, read my favorite stories, or peruse my blog.

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