About Me

I’m a curious, empathetic and solutions-focused journalist based in Eugene, Oregon.IMG_4979.CR2

I spent my undergraduate years at the University of Portland studying psychology and pouring my heart and soul into The Beacon, our campus news outlet. My transition from psychology to journalism was almost seamless — easily bridged by unending fascination with human nature. Now I am pursuing a masters degree in journalism at the University of Oregon.

I am passionate about media representation of marginalized communities, and am dedicated to restoring voices to people who have traditionally been left out of the mainstream narrative. In the past few years, I have reported on everything from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) under the Trump Administration to updated hate crime tracking systems in Portland, and local efforts to make Portland bike share systems for accessible to low income people of color.

I am a morning person who enjoys painting, drawing and running (slowly).

View my resume here.

541-778-8366 | @oliviarsanchez | oliviarsanchez18@gmail.com