By Olivia Sanchez | March 7, 2017 1:18pm



by Clare Duffy / The Beacon


The Ad Hoc Committee on Title IX is following up its campus-wide survey by giving UP students the opportunity to attend a listening session on Wed. March 8 at 7 p.m. on the quiet side of The Commons. At this meeting, students will be able to provide the committee with thoughts, feedback and questions on the Title IX process.

Additionally, the committee has plans to present to Poorman a comprehensive list of suggested reforms generated by students from sexual assault “stand-in” that was held in December.

The committee, chaired by history professor Elise Moentmann, was appointed by Fr. Mark Poorman in early November to examine the university’s policies and procedures relating to the federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in education. In his email announcement to the campus community announcing the committee, Poorman said, “It is critically important that our policies keep up with relevant considerations comparable to our peer institutions and that we are pursuing them with integrity as a faith-based institution.”

The campus-wide survey put out by the committee, which closed just last week, garnered 360 responses from students, faculty and staff, although not every respondent provided an answer for every question. The Beacon has requested to view the results of the survey.

The committee hopes the listening session will serve as an opportunity to enhance its understanding of student needs and concerns as they pertain to Title IX and sexual assault on campus. According to an email sent by Associate Vice President for Student Development, the committee is requesting the following of student attendees:

Please focus your feedback on the review of the Title IX Programs, including:

a. Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Efforts

b. Title IX Resources & Staffing

c. Policy & Conduct Process

d. Investigative Process

e. Case Review Process

Be courteous of others and try to limit your comments to 2-3 minutes or less.

Speak honestly, but speak respectfully. Please do not show disrespect to any person or persons in our UP Community.

Please do not provide specific or general information about particular cases or situations.

Please do not provide specific or general information about people or persons (whether names or other identifying information).

Be mindful that the setting cannot guarantee any type of confidentiality. For example, if someone brings forward information about a particular situation, the University may have a legal responsibility to investigate or address the situation.

Please keep in mind that this is a listening session, and the committee plans to do just that – listen. You are free to pose questions, but please understand that since the committee is still gathering input, we will likely not have answers to specific questions as this point in time.

No audio or video recording will be allowed.

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