Meeting Margot has been one of my favorite things that has happened to me in since moving to Paris.

I was exploring the Palais de Tokyo spiderweb exhibit just a few days after I arrived, wandering quietly through the big museum, when I found her dancing in front of this screen. I just stopped and quietly took out my phone. There was no music playing. The room was silent except for mothers quietly scolding their kids in French, and rain boots slogging across the floors. But she danced as if she heard music. It was such a special moment. I get goose bumps whenever I watch this video.

After she stopped dancing I approached her and made sure it was OK that I had taken the video, and asked if I could post it. She said yes, and then she invited me to come to the Thursday night girls-only dance class that she teaches.

I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did. More on that later. For now, watch Margot dance:

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